Why people died of covid-19 in the US

Though the conversations on COVID-19 center more on the health and well-being of the people, the corona virus pandemic has undoubtedly affected every facet of human endeavor. This essay discusses how the political differences between the right and left wings resulted in the corona virus pandemic outbreak’s poor handling, which took over one hundred thousand American lives.

Research by (Barrios and Hochberg, 2020) explained that although people are dying from the corona virus infection, partisan bias still determines how people perceive and treat the facts about the virus. They argued that the political beliefs of some actors like President Trump…

One place you should visit before you die

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience. — Eleanor Roosevelt

The final holiday for the year is around the corner. For me, the December holiday is my favorite holiday; not very sure why, but it comes with a fragrance that keeps my mind refreshed and energetic. I also love that it is a season to visit and share with family and friends. …

Are you being blackmailed for something true or false? Before you make further move take your time to read through this article.

What to do when someone is blackmailing you with your nude pictures

Blackmail is one of the oldest tricks viciously used by manipulators to reap from where they haven’t sown, or infuse fear of the unknown on their victims for their selfish quests. To successfully handle blackmail and a blackmailer, you need to, first of all, understand this;

the fear of the unknown is the biggest tool in the blackmailing game.

If you are reading this article because you are in the heat of blackmail, before you read further, pause…

“Man is born free, but he is everywhere in chains,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

A lot of times, people use the challenges and other inconvenient jabs that life throws at humanity as an excuse to commit suicide.

The truth is, no one said anybody deserves whatever adverse conditions to their desires and aspirations. No one deserves to go to jail for an offense they didn’t commit. No woman deserves abuse in a relationship or marriage. No child deserves to be abandoned in the street by parents whom he/she didn’t beg to bring them to the world. Yes! No one deserves any awful…

BESTEK USB Charger 30W with multiple changing points, get it at $0.01

Recently, I was reading through a very beautifully researched story here on Medium, where the author told a story about his findings on the competition between Google, Amazon and Apple; with the title, This is How Google will Collapse. In my usual style, I don’t just read a post and walk away. I also enjoy reading through the comments and contributions from other readers even when I have none to make. For me, reading through comments and contributions on any post does two things:

  1. It helps me get a broader view of the subject matter from the view points of…

One Thing You Must Carry Along As You Travel This Holiday

Pure Sine Wave Travel Power Converter

Hi guys! The holiday season is almost here again!!!I love holidays a lot and I know you must do as well? Did you say yes? come on! That makes the two of us. What I want to do with this article is to share with you one of the most amazing travelers sweetheart that I discovered recently.

Before I go on, I would like to assume that since you love traveling, you would also love gadgets a lot. …

Vladimir Putin’s World Cup Reaction Cleared My Head and Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Made Me Wish I was an American: My World Cup Story.

Jigsaw puzzle contest

“ I want to tell you a little story about my hometown, Leningrad. The city was destroyed during World War II. There was no electricity, no heat and no food during winter, but there was football. The game helped people to make it through hard times. Today there are millions of people living in Russia and a huge amount of them play football. This sport makes a positive difference, 2018 will be fantastic.………” (Vladimir Putin)

My country…

Make your passion your personal brand identity.

I don’t know if this happens to you? To me, sometimes when I hear brand dentity the first thing that comes to mind is “business.” I guess this is because, in a bid to get goods and services across to their end users, the advertisement industries have consistently shone their spotlight on business branding identity and image making. Such, that it is very easy to recognize businesses by their brand images and identities. For instance, when you see even a faint image of a one-sided bitten apple, you tend to think of Apple Inc. products. Or when you see a…

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