One Place You Should Visit Before You Die

Onwe Chinasa
3 min readAug 21, 2019


One place you should visit before you die

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience. — Eleanor Roosevelt

The final holiday for the year is around the corner. For me, the December holiday is my favorite holiday; not very sure why, but it comes with a fragrance that keeps my mind refreshed and energetic. I also love that it is a season to visit and share with family and friends. However, I would like to suggest one of the places worth visiting that will make a difference and prepare you for a most fulfilling life.

Where is this place located?

Take a special trip to your innermost being and get in touch with your spirit and soul. Let your mind drift to this most beautiful place in the world to explore the stunning you.

Of course, thousands of new sites could have made the list, but hopefully, this article provides some justice to this particular place that we often leave out. That amazing place is your “innermost being.” Yes, you need to make a special trip to your innermost being and get in touch with your spirit and soul. Let your mind drift to this most beautiful place in the world to explore the stunning you.

Take time out to listen to yourself speak to your soul those calming and affirmative words that your spouse or people around are not saying to you. Evaluate your activities in the year and get ready to build an inspiring personal brand identity in the coming year. Congratulate yourself, whether you achieved your set goals or not. Do a lot of things, but make it all about you this holiday. Did I add that you should make out time to give thanks to God for your life’s journey so far? Please, add that too.

Make it a Journey of Self-discovery.

The journey of self-discovery is one of the most adventurous trips you must plan to embark on if you have not been into yourself before. No doubt, it is good to visit beautiful cities, parks, historic sites, villages. You can even go on a pilgrimage to the holy land with family and friends. The question is, what is the fun if, deep inside, you know that you didn’t take yourself along?

What the Journey of Self-discovery is

For research’ sake, let’s answer the questions what is the journey of self-discovery, and why do I need to embark on this journey?

Self-discovery can mean so many things. It can mean identifying the things you are afraid of, finding out why you are fearful of them, and facing them head-on. It can mean understanding your body system and finding out the type of food that works for your body type. Likewise, it can mean paying serious attention to those attitudes and lifestyle that are affecting your health and putting an end to them. Self-discovery also means finding ways that you can uniquely do one thing for humanity. Above all, self-discovery is finding that one particular thing that differentiates you from your family members, friends, and everyone around you. It is called “purpose.”

Therefore, the journey of self-discovery refers to a travel, or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about their lives, job, career, and relationships rather than following the judgment of family, friends, and neighbors.

Why you need to take yourself along

No one can or should love or care about you more than you do.

Why do you need to embark on this journey? There are so many reasons you should visit your soul; that is, finding harmony for your spirit, soul, and body. I will mention just one here. You need to do this because you are the one that will stay with you even in the grave. Being in touch with yourself should be prioritized in your agenda this holiday, and please make the most of it. When you have done that, then go on and evaluate your set your life goals and maybe set new ones.

I know you will succeed.