Tested and Trusted Ways to Handle Blackmail and the Blackmailer

Onwe Chinasa
5 min readJul 18, 2019


Are you being blackmailed for something true or false? Before you make further move, take your time to read through this article.

What to do when someone is blackmailing you with your nude pictures

Blackmail is one of the oldest tricks viciously used by manipulators to reap from where they haven’t sown, or infuse fear of the unknown on their victims for their selfish quests. To successfully handle blackmail and a blackmailer, you need to, foremost, understand this;

the fear of the unknown is the biggest tool in the blackmailing game.

If you are reading this article because you are in the heat of blackmail, before you read further, pause for one minute! Now take a deep breath, then slowly exhale those fears, desperation, anxiety, and other negative emotions that you might have piled up in the cause of trying to figure things out. Have you done that? Now, keep reading.

Learn how to handle blackmail and your blackmailer in simple steps.

How do You Know You are Being Blackmailed?

There are different degrees of blackmail, just as there are different types of blackmail. However, no matter the degree or type of blackmail you are facing right now, for this article we will take

blackmail as coercion involving threats to reveal either true or false information about a person to the public, the family, friends. It also includes threats of physical harm or criminal prosecution. The blackmailer’s evidence can be true or false but, the bone of contention in every blackmail be it in a true or a false case is the revelation or exposition of a deed.

Is that what you are going through?

But what does a Blackmailer want?

If we venture into finding the answer to the above question, we may not get to where we are going; which is, to explore the four tested and trusted ways to handle blackmail and the blackmailer. Therefore, we will not give any blackmailer that leverage to get into our heads in a bid to figure out what he/she wants. The best thing is to figure out a way to tackle it once and for all, and that is what this article will help you do.

Like there are degrees of blackmail, so are there degrees of deeds. It doesn’t matter the degree of what you did or didn’t do. What matters now is that one asshole is making your life hard and unbearable, and you must gain your freedom from him or her, here and now, whether they have true or false evidence against you.

Own it up

Like I pointed out above, the only deal in the blackmailing game is fear, fear of the unknown. The only trusted way to conquer that fear is to say it out loud to yourself, yes! I did it!

Make peace with yourself

When I said blackmail could be an excellent tool for your freedom, this is what I mean. It is natural to feel guilty, pain, bad, terrible, and restless when we do things we are not proud of doing. I know you might be feeling the same way right now? You may have been good at suppressing these feelings, but now is the time to let it out.

Make peace with yourself

Get ready to face the issue and the blackmailer head-on

At this point, get out of that game. Show the blackmailer you aren’t afraid anymore.

Approach the one whom you offended

If you have followed from the beginning of this article, congratulations! Here is the last step that will finally put the blackmailer in his or her place. I know it is difficult, but you need to set yourself free from the guilt and this blackmailer.

Discover how to cover your tracks online and on the internet.

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Fear of the unknown is the blackmailer’s leeway over their victims.
This fear will make you anxious and desperate to find a cheap way out.
Most times, people fall for the blackmailer’s demands,
and that’s when their problems will begin!

With this book, you will

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