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3 min readJul 7, 2018

Vladimir Putin’s World Cup Reaction Cleared My Head and Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Made Me Wish I was an American: My World Cup Story.

Jigsaw puzzle contest

“ I want to tell you a little story about my hometown, Leningrad. The city was destroyed during World War II. There was no electricity, no heat and no food during winter, but there was football. The game helped people to make it through hard times. Today there are millions of people living in Russia and a huge amount of them play football. This sport makes a positive difference, 2018 will be fantastic.………” (Vladimir Putin)

My country was privileged to be one of those who qualified for the Russia 2018 world cup but funny enough a lot of people in my neighborhood including me never expected our team to score even half a goal in the tournament. Why that? I don’t know! Our team passed through all the qualification stages and made it to the world cup; this shows they are not bad as a team. But why I had a feeling they will not go far in the tournament is actually what I can never know even if I tried.

Finally, the world cup came and like I expected, the first match with Croatia was a flop, I was not disappointed but some of my friends on Facebook who had access to the players in Russia urged us to give them a second chance and promised us their next outing would be awesome. Lo and behold on their next match, the boys bought our minds with an amazing outing. This particular match ended with a 2: nil goals and my country had the two goals.

This time!

Was I disappointed? NO! I was bought over! I fell in love with my country’s team; the world cup now became more interesting that I had to pay for another two months subscription to the Digital Satellite TV. Everyone in my neighborhood celebrated our team with high hopes that there are chances we may win the Russia 2018 world cup. We couldn’t wait for the next round to come. I offered personal prayers to God for them to keep winning. The next tournament came, and my country’s team though fought very hard lost in a 2:1 goals. I felt so bad.

If you have ever had your hope dashed after you built up hope for something you didn’t believe would happen at first instance, you will understand how I must have felt. That was why Putin’s story about his village so touched me.

However, unlike Putin’s village that got football, I discovered Jigsaw Puzzle contest online. So, I had this jigsaw Puzzle and I was so excited to try it and and see if I could win since my country lost out in the world cup. Gaze what? I won one of the humidifiers and like Putin’s village people I was so happy again that night. When it was time to claim my prize, I discovered that it was meant for the people in the US. What the heck! I just encountered another heartbreak! Because of this, I am asking people and game lovers in America to try out this game. It is genuine and fun too. I will be so happy to know that someone claimed that humidifier and the other amazing prices. To join the contest please click here and if you win and claimed your prize do let me know so I can be happy or happier.

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